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What is invert sugar?

The Diamant Invertix 72F invert sugar distributed by us is garanteed to be an invert sugar syrup made only by inverting sugar. It consists of a mixture of glucose, sucrose and fructose, while crystal sugar contains cane sugar as well. The cane is monocotyledonous, while the sugar beet is dicotyledonous. In nature, the bees gather the nectar of dicotyledonous plants to the beehive, and then prepare their winter feed (honey) from it by inversion. Thus, the composition of the Invertix 72F invert sugar is almost the same as that of the natural food of the bees.


It can be fed without diluting, it does not require extra work, but it can also be applied diluted to improving feeding in spring. The dilution does not impair the quality. It can even be stored outdoor. It keeps the quality for 12 months. The recommended storage conditions of the bee feed: above +10°C, and in shade during summer. The product specification of the Diamant Invertix 72F: SP_S_72F_12_Invertix-72F_EN_05.01.2018.pdf

Why is the bee feed worth?

While the bees use 1.5 kg crystal sugar to invert 0.9 kg winter feed, only 1 kg of invert sugar syrup is sufficient to produce the same quantity. The bees use their glands less when consuming invert sugar. Thus, the bees have more vitality, intensity and longevity. Due to its high glucose content, it does not crystallize even at low temperatures such as when stored in honeycombs. As the product is made in laboratory conditions, it has maximal sterility, it does not contain spores, bacteria, viruses or toxins, thus, the risk of bee diseases are lower.

Your wallet and bees will be grateful, as long as you use our inverted bee feed.