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Diamant Bee Feed Invertix 72F (loose)

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DIAMANT Invertix 72F is a syrup made by enzymatic inversion, dedicated to feeding bees. It is a bee feed produced from the highest quality category 1 sugar. The product is characterized by a low HMF factor, no neonicotinoid residues, stable pH and low color. The glucose / fructose / sucrose ratio (30/39/31) makes this feed ideal for winter feeding. It is free of GMOs.

Dry content: 72% +- 1
Total sugar content: 73% +- 1
Fructose content: 39% +- 5
Sucrose tartalom: 31% +- 5
Glucose content: 30% +- 5
pH value: 4-6
Colour (ICUMSA): max 35
HMF: max 20 mg/kg

Expiry date: 12 months from the production date
Product Specification of Diamant Invertix 72F: SP_S_72F_12_Invertix-72F_EN_05.01.2018

Weight 1000 kg


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